The Week’s Best Tweets

Here are the best tweets from the funny people on twitter this week. Happy weekend!

 Foliage. Look at how beautiful the dying leaves are.

When I pack my kids school lunch if I don’t have any veggies to pack I pack extra napkins just so they have something to throw away.

Happy anniversary ! (The traditional 2nd anniversary gift is social media post right?)

[staying at the hotel where The Shining was filmed] Going to watch The Shining from inside this hotel. If you want to talk in the lobby all night afterwards. I’ll be up.

 Disney on Ice. I’m out in the hallway with a little someone until they play the “nice” songs.

 Not even out of bed and I find out ham causes cancer and a Pomeranian I follow on Instagram died. Feeling real Garfield about this Monday.

 If you haven’t done a Back to the Future Day tweet yet you’re already starting to fade out of your family photos.

The fact that Taco Bell can afford to give away Crunchwraps to every American tells me everything I need to know about Crunchwraps.

 There are times when you want craisins in your salad, and there are times you don’t. Just learned this the hard way. *sigh*


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