The Week’s Best Tweets 3

Tig’s people were on a role this week.  Here are the funny tweets from the week.  Happy Friday!

I’m going to make a blanket statement. I love quilts.


How to calculate Naomi Watts Naomi Watts = Naomi Volts x Naomi Amps


 If the shoe fits, you did it! You bought the right size shoe!


 Just remembered the word I was trying to think of during a conversation last week. Editorialize. Whoever I was talking to- that was the word


Correct me if I’m wrong but Drake calls his cell phone a “hotline” right?


My 8-year-old absolutely LOVES his junior mixed martial arts cage-fighting league. The problem is the idiot PARENTS screaming in the stands.


Life couldn’t get any worse. I got my eye drops mixed up with some superglue, now the thing I’m trying to glue has eye drops all over it 🙁


“How long have I been doing this? I don’t want to overdo it.” – first thoughts I have when I begin working out


why do rap guys love to call themselves lil? because they think it’s so cute?


me: hello darkness my old friend
darkness: you are going to hate me but I forgot your name


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