The Week’s Best Tweets 2

Here are all the funny tweets I’ve come across this week. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

 Politicians always say “Guess what?” but it’s never anything fun.


Candy corn is the least healthy form of corn.


 Be honest, are cilantro allergies real or is it like “I really don’t like cilantro”, like my cantaloupe “allergy”? Shhh I won’t tell anyone.


  Getting a dog is great if you’re not ready for kids but you do want to text your girlfriend about poop a few times a day.


I want to make a hand-painted sign for my kitchen that says “Sorry About The Dishes”


 After a bad day, I make peanut butter sandwiches with Chips Ahoy cookies for bread. I also do that when I’ve had a good day, or just a day.


“My name is Inigo Montoya, you… No. No, Inigo. IN-I-GO. No it’s… Ugh, fine, yeah, it’s Domingo.” –Inigo Montoya at Starbucks

PS, Just saw A Christmas Story (Full-Screen Edition) is $3.69 on Amazon today.

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