The Week’s Best Tweets 11

Happy Friday!  Are you all staying warm?  I feel like it suddenly really became Winter.  I just want to stay in and drink some hot cocoa with the kids.

Here’s the funny tweets from the week:

“I’m sorry for your loss. Once I put a milkshake in the freezer to keep it cold, and it froze solid, so I get it.”

Tracy Morgan threatens to go “back in a coma” over Donald Trump


[anything takes more than 10 minutes] WOW nothing should take this long

I just topped a Twinkie with raspberry preserves so I’m pretty much a pastry chef.

They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. I’m easily 20% of the way there to becoming a master of waiting to get on stage.

dude before we go to brunch, wanna do peanut butter sandwiches at my place to pregame. you ever do that. oh haha, yes, me neither, as well

Kind bars look like an arts & crafts project done by a squirrel. Embedded image permalink

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And if you’re on Pinterest, follow me for fun Late Night TV pins, like these two clips:

Aren’t those the best? I could watch people fake vomit all weekend long.

I also keep a board full of clean videos just to watch with the kids. Lots of quick, funny clips from all over the internet.  These are for moments waiting in the doctors office so they don’t touch anything that’s been touched by another child, or in those last 15 minutes before bedtime when you are I feel ya, ComedyParents. Here’s my gift to you.

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