The Week’s Best Tweets 12

Oh my word, what a week. Matt was out of town, and within an hour I was the definition of a Frazzled Mom. I have nothing but respect for single parents.

I spent two days in the hospital/doctors offices-and forgot to grab a book. Lesson learned: just keep one in my purse at all times, (which I should have learned from listening to this podcast the week before).  We lived on Netflix and fast food while 2.5 of the 4 kids were sick. (Our oldest got braces, so she technically wasn’t sick, but felt pretty lousy getting used to the new expander).

But Matt’s home in time for the weekend and we’re on the mend, thank God. Now to pick our selves up and act like a civilized family.  Hope you have a beautiful weekend.  Here are the the tweets that made me laugh this week.

You don’t get to “hate” The Eagles if you’re under 48 years old. Stop backing up your stepdad at barbecues and form your own opinions.

happy two year anniversary to the bag of clothes for donation in the corner of my room

I understand parents who let their children do anything. I agree with them.

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I’m now 90% sure Trump is planning the biggest April Fools’ prank of all time. If he is? It’s brilliant.

I know there’s some serious stuff going on in the world but my drawstring just went inside the hole in my sweatpants.

If you brag about how you can multitask while watching a movie then you’re not allowed to ask questions during the movie.

Just had to force myself awake out of a dream involving a talking pillow. A. Talking. Pillow. No I’m not on drugs. Probably early menopause.

 I don’t understand the point someone is trying to make when they carve their name into a public toilet seat.

Thank you, blizzard, for giving me a socially-acceptable reason to be afraid and stay in my apartment all weekend.

Should I bring anything to your party besides pronounced social anxiety and no food?

I’m not saying my skin is dry, but British citizens are commending it for its wit.

Saturday Night Live confirmed the next 2 hosts!!! Love Melissa on SNL!  Excited to announce that will host February 13 with musical guest !

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And for some inspiration for the weekend from Tig’s people:

Pretend you’re twenty years older, and got the option to go back in time and re-live the previous twenty years: GO

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