4 Clean Clips from SNL with Tracy Morgan

SNL Season 41 Episode 3 Tracy Morgan Parents Review

For those who watch Saturday Night Live faithfully, didn’t it feel like seeing an old friend host this week? It was a relief to see Tracy Morgan back on the Studio 8H stage and even he referred to it as being “back home again.”  Of course, a few of his old favorites, like Brian Fellows and Astronaut Jones were reprized, and some were clean enough to share, so let’s get to the list:

Fine for Kids

The Standoff – this is a filmed piece with Taran Killam and Sasheer Zamata supporting Tracy Morgan, tough guy who just wants to Tango. Clean except for a “thug.”  Would have been better if any of them could have actually tangoed but a solid scene, nonetheless.

Yo, Where Jackie Chan at Right Now – this was a typical final sketch – a little abstract and not for everyone, although not for offensiveness, just because it’s a bit weird.  Tracy and Kenan host a show dedicated to finding the whereabouts of  Jackie Chan. Several of Chan’s co-stars check in, including Jay Pharaoh as a very convincing Chris Tucker.  Not sure how many kids will appreciate it since it relies on your knowledge, or at least your awareness of Jackie Chan, but it is clean.

Word of Caution 

Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet – even better than you remember. But here are the cautions: a beaver smokes, a “damn, you’re fine” and a camera shot of a camel’s behind. A really fun sketch made better by Aidy Bryant’s professor and Pete Davidson’s animal handler.

Cold Open – we’re in the thick of the political season, so the cold open was of course, the Democratic Debate. The stars tonight were Kate’s Hillary and Larry David’s Bernie Sanders.  They played well together and were fun to watch. Alec Baldwin also made a cameo for it and used a “damn” and “ass” moving this to the Word of Caution category, although, really, not many kids would really enjoy the mock debate, anyway, right?

Definitely Not for Kids

Monologue – thanks for a prophetic 2012 episode of 30 Rock, Tracy already knew his comedy family would be there for him. His 30 Rock co-stars all co-star in his sentimental and warm, but very Tracy monologue. Due to the nature of his accident in the “episode,” it’s not for the kids.

Family Feud – Kenan’s Steve Harvey finds himself hosting between a recently divorced couple and their families. So skip watching with the kids, but watch later, because it’s a well written sketch that was cast perfectly. Everyone (and note that sketch has a predominantly black cast!) played their parts really well.

Fake Coke Commercial – Beck Bennett stars in a commercial for fake cocaine to hide the fact that you had to poop at a party. It’s pretty clever but it is a coke commercial.

Good Morning Song – this sketch looked like a lot of work for something not worth it at all. The town friar reveals his disturbing relationship during a musical number. That’s it.

Astronaut Jones – NASA learns that Astronaut Jones has survived a Mars storm and watches as he encounters Demi Lavato as the sexy Martian.  The laughs come from nostalgia rather than a fresh take.

That’s our wrap-up. What’d you think?


funniest, clean clips to watch with the kids from SNL with Tracy Morgan

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