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SNL S41 E2 Amy Schumer Parents Review

I’ve been looking forward to this episode ever since I heard Amy was hosting.  She goes all-in in everything she does, so I knew it’d be good. She’s also not afraid to make statements, and she did that tonight too.  Unfortunately, the show just didn’t impress.  Her monologue was solid and was probably the best 8 minutes of the show. But for having a comedian for a host, as the AV Club noted, just like when Chris Rock hosted, the unfortunate similarity is how unable or uninterested the show was with raising its game to meet its host’s comic sensibilities.

Bottom line, we didn’t laugh that much, apart from her monologue.  And we shared nothing with the kids. Below is our review, but as a bonus (ha!) I’ve added a shareable clip from Chris Rock’s episode last year at the bottom.


none, really. see shareable clip at the bottom.


Guns – a commercial where lonely and searching people light up when given the comfort of a gun.

Baby Shower – Cecily Strong’s missing purse becomes a huge thing at Vanessa Bayer’s baby shower, when Cecily’s bartender/best friend makes it a thing. Drinking, and a “hell” are the words of caution.  Note: Cecily Strong’s sobbing is pretty impressive.

Fox and Friends Cold Open –  Kate McKinnon’s Planned Parenthood advocate calls out Elisabeth Hasselbeck for argument tactics she knows are intellectually dishonest.

Delta Flight – two flight attendants, Schumer and Vanessa Bayer, offer a song about Delta’s in-flight services, and it goes very wrong when the door opens.  “Oh my god” is said a few times.

Hands Free Selfie Stick – this contraption allows for better photos when in the big city.  A bendable selfie stick that’s stuck up your butt. Flinch and it takes a photo.


Monologue – Amy Schumer talks about wanting better role models for young girls than the Kardashians and the time she thought she was dating Bradley Cooper. Remember Louie’s last monologue? yeah, there was something like that in it…

Porn Teacher – so, yeah, it made the DNFK list. Hulu doesn’t even offer a link for this one. Link goes to Yahoo.

City Council Meeting – community member’s bring their grievances with the city to the meeting.  Amy Schumer plays a kid that could rub Christians the wrong way.  I wondered how much was written for her, as I know she isn’t afraid to offend, but I was kind of disappointed with that character. Other grievances included dry humping and Justin Bieber’s dong.

Ford’s Theater – Schumer is a new actor playing Mary Todd Lincoln for the Theater tour groups.  She changes what really happened every time. This is a would be clean sketch, but she implied that Booth tried to “plow” her every time. Other language not appropriate.


But I promised I would have something you could share, so since I mentioned Chris Rock’s hosting, I found a clean clip from his episode last year, but get this- Rock’s not even in it.  Here’s the 3 Courteous Bank Robbers:

Any favorites?


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