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SNL S40 E21 Louis CK Parents Review

Safe to Watch

Lumberjack Runners – Maybe this is a PSA to bring awareness to the loss of work for lumberjacks now that we are reducing our paper and toothpick needs?  Lackluster, but Fine for kids.

Weekend Update – only suitable part is the overly-charming Tom Brady interview (Taran Killam).

Police Line Up – probably the best sketch of the night. Four amateur actors (Taran Killam, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett and Louis CK) who take their gig in a police line-up waaaay to seriously. Fine for kids.

Word of Caution

Cold Open – This was a musical opening featuring every cast member, which was nice for the end of season episode. Hilary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) is on the campaign trail this summer.  She does use a ’69’ reference, making this not suitable for viewing with young kiddos.

Definitely Not for Kids

Monologue – 8 minutes of solid material opening with a bit about growing up in the ’70’s with mild racism ingrained. Compared his daughters’ fights to that of Israel and Palestine then contrasted eating a Mounds Bar to child molesting. If you’re a Louis fan, you don’t want to miss. Many think he went too far, but it’s very typical for his uncomfortable comedy style. Either way, not suitable for kids.

Shoemaker and the Elves – skip watching this sketch where Vanessa Bayer and Kenan Thompson play kinky elves who work for Louis but ask to be physically punished. Louis: “I’m not going to go to the restroom on you.” Not suitable for kids.

Sprint Store Sketch – Louis is a new employee to Leslie Jones, a brash boss-lady.  Risky sketch that I’m not sure was worth doing. Skip for racial stereotyping.

Dwayne Johnson Reprise – skip

Reese DeWhat – skip, in this Forgotten Gems of TV, “Whoops! I married a lesbian!”

What was your favorite sketch?  Watch any with the kids in your life?  We’d love to hear!



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