Clean Clips from SNL with Reese Witherspoon

SNL S40 E20 Reese Witherspoon Parents Review

Safe to Watch 

High School Drama Club – this is a clean sketch making fun of how pathetically dramatic kids are when trying to make political statements. One “statement” does refer to black lives lost in shootings.

Be Scene in LA – this is a maybe, if you don’t mind watching a Kathie Lee and Hoda type show where Reese and Cecily Strong overtly flirt with or rather, at younger male guests on their show, with a weak laugh out loud but not much. Does include bodily noises, so, there’s that. You may have to explain Poise pads.  Hmmm…now I’m thinking that’s a few words of caution…

Word of Caution

Picture Perfect – a Win, Lose or Draw show premise where two ordinary couples are partnered with a “celebrity teammate” to play. First team up was Beck Bennett, Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong as Rosie Perez and they quickly win their round. The other team, Reese, Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson as Carl from Family Matters, are to draw the Prophet Muhammad, right after the Texas Art Show shootings.  This may be safe for older kids who are aware and understand the event.

Not for Kids

Monologue – a sweet, shameless monologue on the Eve of Mother’s Day. Almost every cast member brought out their real moms to apologize for stuff they did as a kid. Later, the moms played home movie clip of their cast member kids. It was predictably awkward but enjoyable. Several confessions, though, make this not appropriate for kids.

Mr. Westerberg – Bobby Moynihan plays a whiney boss at Hallmark where the employees benignly mock him when he’s not in the room. Beck Bennett joins in and accidentally reveals an inappropriate and weird relationship with their boss.  Skip-worthy, in my opinion.

Weekend Update. Unmemorable…starts with some Hilary jokes.  Best line was “…Ben Carson, most white people know him as “Some of my best friends.”” Also in the update were few interviews: Leslie Jones about her letters to a booty call, Kenan brought back Willie and spoke misguidedly about graduation time and Two Girls you Wish You Never Met at a Party, with Cecily Strong and Reese Witherspoon. Cecily is always good at this but together, they said nothing remarkable. None were kid-clean.

Southern Ladies – with big hair, flowing wine and sad stories that one up each other. Kate McKinnon’s lady sent a bra photo to her son and Cecily Strong got pranked by a sperm bank. Not worth the watch.

Wiskers R We – this one is worth it for Kate McKinnon’s smile after her Kat Middleton jokes.  Too many sexual innuendos to watch with kiddos.

Any favorite lines?  Plan to watch with your kids?


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