Clean Clips from SNL with Scarlett Johansson

SNL S40 E19 Scarlett Johansson and Wiz Khalifa Parents Review

This was a relatively clean episode.  But very few did I considered sharing with my kids.  So read the cautions and decide what your family is comfortable with:

Fine for Kids

Cold Open – Aired during the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, so NBC “stole the pay per view signal” and aired the fight. Aidy Bryant as Pacquiao and Jay Pharoah as Mayweather, fought for a few minutes until Ref Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah left the sketch to watch the real fight. Clean but two racial notes: a statement that today was the “whitest day in sports in history” and Aidy did a Spanish speaking impression then tried to do a Filipino accent.

Word of Caution

Girl Friend talk show – Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong are getting ready for prom with Prom Queen Scarlett’s tips. Aidy makes this sketch worthwhile every time. Aidy says Damn, which is why this is downgraded to Word of Caution.

Dino Bones – ‘crap’ and ‘turds’ galore. I so wish there wasn’t a “bitch” thrown in there too because it would have been perfect for sharing with my boys. Two visitors on a museum tour drive the other tour members crazy.

Virgin Airways – Bionic flight attendants, Vanessa Bayer and Scarlett, are disastrous.  Clean and comical minus Leslie’s “grown ass woman” comment.

Definitely Not For Kids

Orioles Game – News coverage from the Orioles game that was played with no one in attendance during Baltimore’s curfew. Full of awkward racial puns.

Right Side of the Bed – this reoccurring sketch where Cecily Strong and Taran Killam are married talk show hosts from Atlanta. He is obviously gay but they go with their marriage/partnership for the show. This sketch is a chance for Scarlett to bring out her Jersey girl, which she does well. But Taram’s flirty is too inappropriate to share with kids.

Black Widow trailer – From Marvel Studios and the writers of 27 Dresses, Black Widow meets Ultron. It’s a chick flick about a Super Hero and her Super Romance.  So perfect minus a “penis activation” moment.

Weekend Update – caution due to Freddie Grey, Baltimore Riots and gay marriage arguments. Three correspondents this week: Kate McKinnon as Ruth Bader Ginsberg is great and worth a watch but tonight she’s discussing the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage. She also claimed her nickname is Sea Biscuit because all the boys want to see her biscuits. Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan are Game of Thrones hottest couple, by default. This was enjoyable enough to us as non-GOT watchers, but AV Club reported there were spoilers. Sexual inuendos (winter’s not the only thing that’s coming).  And Charles Barkley (Kenan Thompson) and Shaquille O’Neil (Jay Pharaoh) attempt to discuss the NBA playoffs. One dammit, oh my god, hickey and french kiss move this to Word of Caution. Jay’s Shaq is endearing and enjoyable.

Blazer – 80’s TV cop show about a cop who always gets his man, then we discover he only goes after black men. So ridiculous, but in a good way.

Jingle Writers – Aidy Bryant and Scarlett are hopelessly trying to land a Pampers account but they’ve turned dark hippy.  There’s an “ass for dinner” line and “vultures clawed out our eyes.”  Best/worst line: We accept personal checks and Sacagawea coins only.

Wiz Kalifa was so jolly.  He looked so genuinely happy to be performing. We watched See You Again with our kids and they downloaded the music to play it themselves.  I *think* he said “Damn, who knew?” but the official lyrics say “Dang, who knew?” so, yeah.

What was your favorite sketch?  Watch any with the kids in your life?  We’d love to hear!


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