SNL S40 E18 Taraji P. Henson Parents Review

Safe for Kids

Clinton Cold Open – I’m usually not a big cold open fan, especially political ones, but this one I really liked. Kate McKinnon as a stiff, unrelatable Clinton prepares to announce her presidential campaign.  Darrell Hammond, as Bill, returns and regrettably says, “bigger and blacker” at one point, but otherwise, this is fine for kids.

Depends Legends – commercial for adult diapers. If you don’t mind your kids seeing an old man in a diaper, this is “clean.” Disclaimer: I have boys, so I think mentions of peeing/pooping are perfectly acceptable.

Weekend Update -Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy returns and even brings Billy Crystal as his podiatrist dad but with nothing new.  It feels predictably boring now. And not the same without Seth.

Cookie on Sesame Street – Cookie from Empire visits Sesame Street.  Fine for kids, but not sure how much they’d appreciate.  She does know how to eat a cookie though.

Home 2 trailer – another chance for the cast to practice impressions with a single line. Can’t remember anything offensive.

Word of Caution

Monologue – Best line: “[Hosting] proves after 20 years in show business, white people know who I am.” Her entire monologue is a song she sings in front of a gospel choir. Her confidence and professionalism made me optimistic for the show. She does mention “twerking on a pole for a dollar” but otherwise, it’s kid-okay.

Hollywood Game Night – 6 cast members do great celebrity impressions but, as usual, there are too many of them to really do anything. Sketch just ends.  Taraji as Wanda Sykes says “ass” a few times.

Connectatron – spoof of the Power Rangers where Taraji’s character won’t help the others fight a villain shark until the others apologize for bumping into her in the hall. Clean and funny except for a “hittin’ this” remark about her and the lead ranger’s relationship.

QVC –  I really liked this sketch. Kate McKinnon channels Liza Minelli as a forgetful fashion designer.  If only she didn’t drop a “kooter” comment, I would show this to my kids…after explaining what QVC was.

Not appropriate for kids

Janelle Dances – funny sketch as Janelle’s mom (Taraji) takes over her webcast. Kyle Mooney as her platonic friend is perfect again. Full of inappropriate dancing.

Their Own League – Reese DeWhat with Cinema Classics reviews a movie made about black women joining the women’s baseball league during the War.  Funny, but not appropriate for kids.

Teacher Trial – Courtroom scene in a teacher/student affair case.  Not appropriate.

Also of note: this episode featured a Game of Thrones parody.  It was good, but due to a copyright issue, was removed from NBC and Hulu.  You can search for it elsewhere and may find it, but it may be removed.

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