SNL Season 40 Episode 17 Michael Keaton Parents Review

This was such a strong episode, yet very few clips could we deem “safe.” Here’s our recap:

Safe to Watch/Word of Caution

Cold Open – NCAA Final Four sketch points out the hypocracy of the NCAA earning millions on “student athletes” who are paid with a “college education.” There’s an “I’ll be damned…” in there.

Monologue – Keaton got to play the normal, low-key guy between Taran Killum and Bobby Moynihan, mega Michael Keaton fans.

CNN Newsroom – funny enough mocking CNN’s 24 hour filler news. Covers the Indiana chef who refuses service to gay patrons, and Jay Pharoah says “Black people need to pull up their pants.

Definitely Not Appropriate

Prom King – on a few levels is this inappropriate for kids.  Mike O’Brian, who’s usually a big dorko, plays the cool kid-very convincingly in this high school sketch.

Call Your Grandmother – Shasheer Zamata is a sexy phone line promoter – selling the idea of calling your grandmother.  So funny, you’ll be able to identify with at least one of the calls.

Ad Agency – The CEO of an ad agency, Michael Keaton, joins his staff’s brainstorming session and adds weird and just plain worse ideas.

Neurotology – 1990’s promotional music video for the “Church of Neurotology” with pop-up captions with where-are-they-now bits.

Weekend Update – Pete Davidson as Resident Young Person on the Waking Dead Finale and 1860’s Newspaper critic Jebediah Atkinson.  Taran is brilliant in this role, super confident, but never super appropriate.

Southern Smart House – Michael Keaton is a weird scientist who’s horrifying and impractical and unlikely inventions are explained by his proud wife, Cecily Strong.

Creepy Easter Michael Keaton – I have no idea what this sketch is really called, but that’s my name for it. super strange last sketch of Michael going through his Easter basket.  It’s experimental but not kid-ready.

Botton Line, save this episode for after the kids are in bed.   Then tell me your favorite!


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