SNL S40 E15 Chris Hemsworth Parents Review

SNL is rated TV-14. This episode felt really TV-14.  Several would be fine and fun for kids, except they slipped in something crass at the end.  Others, were fine but more entertaining for the 14+ crowd (see Hillary’s Cold Open or Chris’ Monologue). So let’s start with the most promising clips first:

Fine for Kids

Avenger’s News Report – Thor , Iron Man, Bruce Banner, Nick Fury and Captain America celebrate defeating Ultron on live TV.

Movie Set– A former director (Kenan Thompson) of The Jeffersons keeps giving his actors (Kate McKinnon, Chris Hemsworth) sitcom-style direction.

Monologue – Chris Hemsworth host SNL for the first time and brings with him, his brothers, Liam, Luke and Callum (Kenan Thompson), then takes questions from the audience.

Hillary’s Cold Open – Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) says she has nothing to hide in her emails.  And she may run for President. Or not. Who knows?

Word of Caution

The Iggy Azalea Show – I would still rate this TV-14, for there is some language, although most in hard to hear in a rap. She does announce a song, Money Ass.  The contrast between her hard rapping and silly personality make this a really fun sketch, though.  Use your own judgement for your family.

Definitely Not for Kids

American Express Ad – They said Chris Hemsworth was too tall and too blonde to be an actor.  Well made commercial about his early days in Hollywood.  Skip for promiscuity reference.

Brother 2 Brother – Twin brother, Taran and Chris are not identical. Really funny mock Disney show that goes into too much detail about how they brothers differ.

Empire Promo – The Empire sketch had decent Lucious and Cookie impressions from Kenan Thompson and Sasheer Zamata, but the premise –  Fox hiring Chris as an office manager doesn’t add enough to be funny.

Spaceship – The Ship’s captain, a chicken, makes the ultimate sacrifice for her crew.

Reality House – Things get tense in the house when Chris and Beck Bennett decide to order dinner together but Kyle Mooney wants to cook. A classic Mooney/Bennett sketch that’s really clever. The last line, unfortunately, makes in inappropriate.

Porno Stars: Dolce & Gabbana – skip.


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