Saturday Night Live with Ryan Gosling: The 5 Best Clean Sketches

Looking for the funniest, clean clips from this week’s Saturday Night Live with Ryan Gosling? This was a really fun episode to watch, for all of Ryan’s near-breaking moments. A few clips to share for this episode in no particular order:


Hometown Bar – Trevor (Kyle Mooney), a high school classmate of Ryan Gosling’s, interrupts his interview with a GQ reporter (Cecily Strong) to share embarrassing stories about him.  This is pretty great. Not sure what voice Kyle was doing but it was really fun to watch. Watch for Ryan to break.

Nespresso – George Clooney (Taran Killam) preps Danny DeVito (Bobby Moynihan) for his first taste of Nespresso. Matt and I had to go look this one up…The real George and Danny have made a video for Nespresso, watch their version of Training Day first, then appreciate what Taran and Bobby bring to their remake.

Ryan Gosling  Canada Monologue – Ryan Gosling celebrates his Canadian roots with Mike Myers and a Canadian Christmas song. Not a very interesting monologue, just some Canadian cliches thrown into a song with heavy accented “sor-ry” (sorrys), and “a-boot” (about), etc.


The Wiz – West Oz’s Scarecrow (Ryan Gosling) mistakenly ends up in East Oz with Dorothy (Sasheer Zamata), Cowardly Lion (Kenan Thompson), Tin Man (Jay Pharoah), Scarecrow (Michael Che) and The Wiz (Leslie Jones). There is some mind language and implied racism. Ryan’s Scarecrow was pretty close to the original (from my memory, at least).

Settl – Settl: The dating app for women looking to have tons of okay dates. There was nothing inappropriate for a child to hear but this commercial was just not anything a kid would be able to relate to.


Santa Baby – Doug (Ryan Gosling) and Gina (Vanessa Bayer) make everyone at the neighborhood holiday party uncomfortable when they demand to meet the real Santa. This is great, but so not for kids. Watch later.

Birthday Party – Melanie (Aidy Bryant) creeps out her friends when she hits on birthday girl Taylor’s dad (Ryan Gosling). nope.

Close Encounter – Three people (Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, Ryan Gosling) share very different stories about their alien abduction.  nada.

Donald and Melania  Trump Christmas Cold Open – Donald (Taran Killam) and Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) reveal who is on Donald’s naughty and nice list. eh. skip.

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