Clean Comedians: Anjelah Johnson on Netflix

Anjelah Johnson – on being politically incorrect and her new Netflix special

We first saw Anjelah Johnson when her MADtv Bon Qui Qui clip when viral, back in 2007.  Remember the Burger King employee with a crazy attitude?  Her creator, Mexican-Native American comedian and wife to Christian recording artist, Manwell Rayes, of Group 1 Crew, has been doing stand up for sold out crowds ever since and just this week released her third special, a Netflix exclusive, Not Fancy. While her jokes weren’t completely fleshed out and solid as her Homecoming Show (also on Netflix streaming), she is charismatic enough to please. And she brings back favorites.  Add it to your Queue if you haven’t already.

Her start in comedy is pretty cool.  “I moved to L.A. to be an actress, but I ended up taking this joke-writing, stand-up comedy class at a church,” Anjelah told Vogue this month.”The only reason why I even took that class was because it was free. One of the first jokes that I wrote was this nail salon joke. It ended up kind of blowing up on the Internet.” That clip helped get her spot on MADtv.  


Today, the Bon Qui Qui clip has over 68 million views, but not all are fans.  Some have taken offense at her portrayal of someone from the “hood.” But Anjelah says her character is from a “non-descript hood and is a mix of a lot of people.”   One person in particular is this girl in a Burger King drive-through in Memphis, Tennessee, that Anjelah met about 13 years ago. “She changed my life; she was unreal. But a majority of Bon Qui Qui is my little brother, who is ghetto fabulous. He has no filter whatsoever. He just says what’s on his mind. But you can’t get mad at him because he’s probably saying what you’re thinking, just that you would never say it out loud.”

She’s has a few tour dates left this year; though, none in Dallas. Thankful for Netflix.

Oct. 15-17, Timonium, MD

Oct. 22-25, San Jose, CA

Nov. 6-8, West Nyack, NY

Nov. 13-15, Pittsburgh, PA

Nov. 20-22, Schaumburg, IL



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