Clean Comedians: Andy Woodhull

On Starting in Comedy

Whoever thinks the life of a rising stand up comic is easy has likely never met one. Andy Woodhull was working in a geology lab in Chicago for five years while also working on the road as much as possible.

In an interview with Rooftop Comedy, Andy described paying his dues, “It was crazy. Sometimes, I would drive to gigs and then drive back to Chicago, sleep in my car in the parking lot, and then work in the lab. Then I would drive to the show again the next night.”

In 2008, he saw his efforts start to pay off, when he won a Butterfinger comedy competition. “I wrote a joke about candy bars and ended up winning this contest. I quit my job right after that. They gave me 365 Butterfinger coupons and I was like, “I don’t need to work anymore.”

Now, 7 years after the Butterfinger win and 12 since his first at the mic, Andy’s released three albums.

On Explaining His Act to His Step-Daughters

Isaac Kozell from Splitsider interviewed Andy just before the premier of his Comedy Central Half Hour last September.  In the interview, Andy described his humor as PG-13. Not necessarily dirty, but to his step-daughters he cautions “that there may be some things you wish you could unhear…”  Loved that part.

I would describe his stand-up as likable anecdotes. When he gets worked up, say, over his wife making them late to everything, it’s pretty enjoyable. If you haven’t seen Andy perform before, check him out on The Tonight Show and Conan:

Andy Woodhull on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Part 1

Andy Woodhull on the Tonight Show Part 2

Andy Woodhull on Conan

If you’d like to read more about Andy’s decision to work mostly clean or the bar fight that left him with a wired-shut broken jaw, head over to Splitsider.

For tour information, check out Andy’s website.  Hoping he’ll come to Dallas in 2016!

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