10 Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Clips Your Kids Will Love

When Matt’s out of town, like he was this past week, by 8 pm, I’m done. Not done enough to let the kids play video games alone or watch a movie without me, but done enough to not want to come up with something to do.  So we watch stuff together.  This week, we watched Tonight Show clips. Ew!’s the favorite judging by the amount of “Ew”‘s said around the house.  But these others were hits too.

  1. Ew! with Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama


2.  Slap Jack with Ryan Reynolds


3.  Lip Synching with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart


4.  Celebrity Photobombing with Jon Hamm


5.  Jimmy and Idena Menzell sing Let It Go from Frozen with Classroom Instruments


6.  Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel sing Doo-Op using an iPad app


7.  Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing with Will Smith *does contain “The Spank” and “Twerking”


8.  Kid Theater with Channing Tatum


9.  Pup Quiz with Salma Hayek


10.  Tonight Show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? with Jeff Foxworthy and Pittbull


Bonus with a caution: Egg Roulette with Bradley Cooper, note: I didn’t post the video on this page, because Bradley slips an s-word in there.  My kids didn’t notice, but I did and yours might.  thanks, bradley.

Any favorites?  Others you would add?

ps: this video Jimmy did with his daughter Winnie, on being a first time dad, is super cute.


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